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Welcome to speechinaction: home to Streaming Speech, and to the Centre for Discourse Intonation Studies (CDIS). This site is maintained by Richard Cauldwell.

You can try a sample of the American/Canadian version of Streaming Speech online. It is due for publication in early 2005. The demo of the prize-winning British/Irish version of Streaming Speech is still available here.


NEW 1 Read Richard's latest paper Stuck in TAR: How we prevent learners from handling everyday speech. This paper (soon to be published by IATEFL) argues that ELT needs to abandon invented textbook rules, and give greater priority to the evidence of everyday speech.

NEW 2 Listen to a BBC World Service Programme Innovations in Teaching. It contains extracts from a class in which Streaming Speech is used. You can hear comments from Jeremy Harmer, Cherry Gough, Almut Koester, Motoko Maeda, and Hiroshi Kinami. You will need to download an MP3 file (6.6MB) of Programme 5, 'Let's Get Talking'.


Streaming Speech: Listening and Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English (2002) is a revolutionary electronic publication which uses spontaneous speech to teach listening and pronunciation to advanced learners of English. It is a 20-hour course that can be used in the classroom or in self-access, or both. It is available on CD-ROM (for single use, with licences for computer clusters) and online by annual subscription for institutions. A Student's Book is available, and a Teacher's Guide is available here. Streaming Speech uses recordings of spontaneous speech to help upper-intermediate and advanced students master the challenges of listening to fast speech, and speaking with natural accurate fluency. Try a demo online here.

Streaming Speech is the winner of an ELTON!
The British Council's Innovations in ELT awards 2004.


Catherine Walter about to present the ELTON. Photo courtesy of Greig Fensome © The British Council, 2004.


The other winners were Scott Thornbury's 'Natural Grammar' published by Oxford University Press, and the Macmillan Dictionary team. I liked the dictionary team so much that I wrote an article for their online magazine - 'A wish beyond words'.


The Centre for Discourse Intonation Studies (CDIS) contains resources relating to the theory and practice of Discourse Intonation (DI): a biography and a bibliography of David Brazil; articles relating to the practical implementation of DI; and comments and opinions relating to the current state of academic research, teacher-training, and classroom practice in relation to spontaneous speech (speaking and listening).


The Streaming Speech area of these web pages contains a detailed explanation of the contents, information on how to order, and help files relating to Streaming Speech. You can also try a sample chapter on-line.


Recent articles of mine 'The Functional irrhythmicality of spontaneous speech', 'Grasping the nettle: the importance of perception work in listening comprehension' and 'Phonology for listening: Relishing the messy' are available here.


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